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Hellenic Society of

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Eugenides Foundation

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National Technical University

of Athens


The Hellenic Society of Bridges Study is pleased to announce the second IBSBI Conference, "Innovations On Bridges And Soil-Bridge Interaction" IBSBI 2014, which will be held in Athens (Eugenides Foundation) on 16, 17 and 18 October 2014.

During 2014 we will be celebrating the 3300 years of the construction of the oldest bridge in Europe, the Mycenaean Bridge of Kazarma.


Thank you for joining IBSBI 2014



·      Aesthetics and architecture of bridges

·      Bridge monitoring

·      Design methods

·      Fabrication and construction

·      High performance materials

·      New materials and their application on bridges

·      International codes on bridges and comparison-loadings

·      Seismic behaviour

·      Vehicle-bridge interaction

·      Old bridges and maintenance

·      Stone bridges

·      Long-span bridges

·      Special forms of bridges

·      Floating bridges

·      Pedestrian bridges

·      Sky-bridges

·      Geotechnical problems

·      Soil-structure interaction

·      Stability problems - types and analysis

·      Auxiliary and connected sub-structures

·      Prefabrication

·      Erection

·      Computational techniques

·      Experimental research

·      Isolation and damping systems

·      Aeroelasticity

·      Impact and explosion problems

·      Multi-hazard loading on bridges


Selected papers of high quality will be considered for publication in an extended form in the new International Journal IJBE after invitation ( http://www.ijbe.net/ ).

A Certificate of attendance will be issued for participants.




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